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Steinerfilm® S

Special Metallized Films

Steinerfilm® S are metallized and/or customized films where the base film is neither OPP nor PET.

Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE is better known as Teflon)

Polytetrafluorethylene  (PTFE) is well-known as a heat resistant material.


Teflon has the highest density of all plastic materials. The commercial thickness range starts from 12µm.

Teflon is surprisingly "soft" and can only be wound at a relatively low winding tension despite its thick gauge.

Teflon and its derivatives are PTFE, PFA, FEP or EFTE films (mainly temperature reasons) - please ask us for details.


Polyimide, PI (better known as Kapton)


Polyimide, PI (Kapton) is well-known as a heat resistant material.


The complex mid-molecules arrange either linear or cyclic.

The commercial spectrum of thickness starts from 4µm.


Polyetherimide (PEI) film

PEI is known as ULTEM by company SABIC, metallized by Steinerfilm. 

ULTEM™ film UTF120 is high heat and high energy density dielectric film that meets the most stringent technical demands for use in professional-grade dielectric film capacitors up to 150°C.





Polyetherketone consists of two basic molecular groups “ x” & “y”. It is well-known as a heat resistant material.

This material is meanwhile established in various non-electrical applications where the temperature exceeds the limits of traditional plastics like OPP and PET.

PEEK, a Poly Ether Ether Ketone, is one of the first candidates of this group of materials that have been tested as a dielectric for capacitors. PEEK and PAEK are known by company Victrex.

The thinnest gauge is about 6µm with thinner gauges under development but not yet available.

Steinerfilm PTFE Teflon molecule
Steinerfilm polyimide kapton molecule
Steinerfilm PEK molecule
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