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Capacitor Types and Application Fields

Film capacitors can be found in electronic circuits for various functions and applications:

  • Noise / RFI suppression

  • Snubbers

  • High pass and low pass filters

  • Signal coupling / Decoupling

  • Motor run / Start

  • Resonant circuits

  • Grading / balancing

  • Power conditioning / power factor correction (PFC)

  • Energy storage

  • Pulsed power

  • Voltage divider

The capacitance C is defined as the ratio of electric charge Q to the voltage U between the electrodes:


The quotient of one coulomb per volt [ Amp sec / Volt ] represents the unit farad [ F ]. 

For commercial capacitors the following subunits are used: 

The various types of capacitors are based on different dielectric materials and production methods. The capacitance ranges from picofarad to more than hundreds of farad. Voltage ratings can reach kilovolts.  

The chart below illustrates the spectrum of capacitor types. The dark green area is best served by capacitors made with Steinerfilm products.

Steinerfilm capacitor types radar plot
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