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Town of Erndtebruk Germany home of Steinerfilm by Von Mario Rösler

About Us

Our Commitment

Steinerfilm makes high-performance metallized dielectric films used in demanding applications. Our decades of experience designing and manufacturing thin film metallization equipment translates into deep process knowledge and expertise in every dimension. When performance, reliability, and quality cannot be compromised, Steinerfilm is a step ahead. 

Von Mario Rösler - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0

Our Team

We say that Steinerfilm is "A step ahead." This requires a global team of skilled professionals committed to our customers. We bring innovative thinking and a problem-solving approach every day as inspired by our founder Ernst Steiner & Mrs. Else Steiner.


Marc Steiner
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Steiner serves as CEO of Steinerfilm and Steiner KG and is grandson of our founder

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Kamlesh Shah
Chief Technical Officer

Kamlesh is responsible for translating customer requirements into product innovations

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Nita Tanner
Chief Financial Officer

Nita is responsible for finance, administration, and human resources

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Bruce Hunt
Chief Production Officer

Bruce oversees our manufacturing operation and is responsible for meeting customer requirements

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Harold Parker
Director of Sales and Production Planning

Harold takes care of our customers and coordinates demand with our manufacturing operations

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Steinerfilm, Inc.


987 Simonds Road
Williamstown, MA 01267 USA

Tel: +1 413.458.9525     Fax: +1 413.458.2495

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Our History
  • 1951  As a young engineer, Ernst Steiner had the vision that plastic film could be used for electrical capacitors, if it was possible to put a conductive material on a perfect base film. Up until this time, paper with metallized layers of zinc was known and used. The capacitors were very large. Mr. Steiner rented the Town Hall in the village of Schameder. He used the thinnest available film at the time - 12 micron thick polyester - and metalized it with aluminum. The metallized film capacitors were much smaller. During that year Steiner KG was formed.

  • 1953  Else and Ernst Steiner were married. Mr. Steiner also worked on prototype machines and equipment to metalize plastic foil and polyester for capacitors. To fund this early development, he sharpened the blades for the grass-cutting machines that farmers used, built vacuum gauges and laboratory machines for metallizing all kinds of materials. He became an expert in metallation.

  • 1960  Mr. Steiner moved to Erndtebrück and rented a large barn. Now he was able to have a machine shop and a handful of machinists. He started selling metalizing machines and equipment for capacitor film in several countries. The first machines were used to metalize polyester from Kalle (Treofan) and polycarbonate from Bayer in Leverkusen (Covestro).

  • 1966  Started construction on our first factory in Schameder - now our current location.

  • 1967  We decided that Steiner KG would focus exclusively on producing products from our own metalizing equipment and stop making machines for general sale. This remains the core competence of the company today.

  • 1968  "Steinerfilm" was registered worldwide as a trade name.

  • 1969  Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film for capacitors was developed in conjunction with Mr. Theo Großekreuel from Kalle (Hoechst).  They were a great help in making BOPP a capacitor dielectric. The department eventually became Treophan GmbH & Co.

  • 1972  Steinerfilm, Inc. was launched as a sales and distribution operation in Williamstown, MA. Steinerfilm, Inc. Sales grew quickly thanks to its premium quality. 

  • 1978  The Williamstown operation began to metalize dielectric film in the US with equipment built by Steiner KG, our sister company.

  • 1981  Steiner purchased and modified a polypropylene film line to ensure that there would be enough base film supply to meet the demand and located it in Williamstown.

  • 1988   Ernst Steiner passed away. Mrs. Else Steiner carries forward the oversight of the companies that she along with her husband worked tirelessly to build. Their grandson, Marc Steiner is the CEO of Steiner KG.

  • 1990  The company made additional investments in facilities to expand the metalizing operation and warehouse space in Williamstown, MA.

  • 2000   All our factories are ISO Certified.

  • 2013  Steinerfilm, Inc. celebrates 40 years of operation.

  • 2016  Steiner KG celebrates its 65 year anniversary with Mrs. Steiner providing unwavering support of our companies.

  • 2021  Steiner KG realizes 70 years of innovation and industry leadership.


Steinerfilm, Inc.

Serving our customers in North and South America

987 Simonds Road
Williamstown, MA 01267 USA

teinerfilm Williamstown Massachussetts aerial

Steiner GmbH & CO. KG

Serving our customers in Europe, Asia, and ROW

Jägersgrund 1+3
D - 57339 Erndtebrück
Tel.: +49 2753 - 607 0

Steiner film Erndtebruck aerial headquarters factor
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