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Steinerfilm® I

Metallized PPS Film

Capacitor film Steinerfilm® I is based on biaxially oriented PPS film and is available in a thickness range between 1.2µm and 12µm.

Today PPS capacitors are the only commercial capacitors suitable for operating temperatures of 150°C. Whilst the electrical and mechanical properties are similar to PET, the temperature drift of the dielectric constant and dissipation factor is lower. Furthermore, PPS shows excellent resistance to virtually all types of chemicals, and its film properties are not affected by humidity. High-temperature vapor causes no hydrolysis as it does with polyester.

These outstanding features make PPS capacitors ideal for high precision and reliable electronics in rough industrial environments:


  • Oil/Chemical Industry

  • Aerospace

  • The replacement of polycarbonate (PC)

  • Automotive

PPS capacitors can be found in the satellite and nuclear industry because of it's resistance to radiation. Round windings as well as stacked capacitors (SMD) can be processed using PPS films. High temperatures during a reflow process do not present a limitation.

The only weak spot for this film is its limited ability for self-healing and capacitors can end up in a permanent short circuit. Steiner has solved this problem successfully with an additional acrylate coating. Now even bigger capacitance can be produced with a good yield.

Detailed information about the acrylate coating is available on request.

Steinerfilm PPS molecule
Steiner film metalized PPS film
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