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Steinerfilm® E

Metallized PEN Film

Steinerfilm® E is based on a biaxially oriented polyethylene naphthalate; better known by its abbreviation PEN.

This film is offered in various metallizing patterns and individual slit widths for highly customized capacitors and applications.

The molecule shown is the basis for this film. The complex structure of these macromolecules differentiates this film from other materials.

The PEN film making process also uses additives, so-called nanoparticles of a certain corn size and distribution, to generate the surface structure.

This finally makes the film surface looking like a PET film and the stoichiometric affinity of the molecule puts the electrical character also in the neighborhood of polyester.

  • PEN performs electrically like PET but with a higher mechanical and thermal level

  • PEN is inert against moisture at high temperatures

  • the lower shrinkage versus temperature and a high melting point makes the film compatible for a reflow soldering process

Steinerfilm PEN molecule
Steinerfilm Metallized PEN film

This difference of machine and transverse direction is typical for biaxially orientated plastic films.

The primary application for Steinerfilm® E PEN is for stack type or SMD capacitors.

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