Steiner film high-performance metallized films

Demanding Applications Demand Steinerfilm

When performance, reliability, and quality cannot be compromised

Defibrillators rely on steinerfilm pulse power capacitors
Pulse power capacitors rely on Steinerfilm dielectric metalized films

The Leader in High-Performance Metallized Films

High Temperature

Enabling high temperature switches and power electronics reliably operating above 200 ºC 

Pulse Power

Defibrillators, lasers, and other high energy applications need peak performance every use


Metallized film current collectors in Lithium batteries improves safety and reduces weight

Energy / Power

HVDC and Inverters for wind farms, control electronics, solar and other renewable sources

Flexible Electronics

Our unique masking process for high volume RFID and other flexible hybrid electronics


Thermal insulation, barriers, and similar high performance metallized film applications





Profile Metallization

Masking / Segment Metallization


Inner Series Patterns

Prototype and Custom


When it comes to the most demanding applications, Steinerfilm brings decades of expertise from our heritage of manufacturing metallization equipment for high-performance film capacitors. That's why Steinerfilm is...

A Step Ahead.

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Thick or Thin
Steinerfilm has your combination

Metallization thickness and substrate thickness

It starts with a conversation...

Your idea, a customer need, a special application. Something that seemed impossible before.

Let's collaborate and create market-winning products together.

Ready to see what's possible?


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